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Agriculture and Livestock

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Find all the elements to assemble and install your livestock, perimeter, and/or residential fence. Get steel post and other accessories for sustainable and durable fences. Remember that with steel post, you get a lifespan of up to 60 years. 100% reusable.

Planting and harvesting

We know how tough and demanding farm work can be, which is why we bring the most innovative and accessible manual agricultural tools to the market. These tools will help make yor work easier and faster, proving that there is a more productive way to work the land. We want to empower your agricultural business by simplifing and facilitating your tasks.

Animal care

We promote good livestock practices and animal welfare through tools that facilitate animal identification (ear tags and tattoo equipment for all types of livestock), veterinary instruments to protect their health (syringes for livestock injection), and elements thet allow proper handling of your animals, for production and/or exhibition.